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Critical Medical Guide

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Critical - Medical Guide aims to assist by providing crucial medical guidelines, emergency medical references & materials, not only when the situation and details are vital, but also for students and professionals to use as medical reference material when needed. Critical - Medical Guide also features images, diagrams, language audio and interactive videos in high-definition to teach what to look for in real life.
Critical - Medical Guide contains detailed medical guidelines, including:
• Critical Care & Course of Action• Emergency Medicine• Interactive EKG Movies• Medical Spanish with Audio• First Aid Care • Drug Calculators• Formulary & Drug Interaction Checking• Pediatric Advanced Life Support• Ventilator Management• Special Procedures, such as CTs and X-rays• Monitoring Information - Electrocardiograms & IABPs• Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)• Videos & Imagery to Assist in the Critical Care, and much more.
All medical staff, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs and support staff will benefit from having this fundamental medical material – while on-the-go or in a medical facility. Staff and students in the medical field will also benefit from this app because it will become a Critical tool in their practices and studies.
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